Ferm Living autumn 2018.

A space to be comfortably you.

Ferm Living has shared their new Autumn collection which has a strong emphasis to the actual meaning of "home" and the search for comfort.

"From new pieces of functional and sculptural furniture, to beautiful accessories and kitchen tools. Guided by our intuition, we explore new realms, shapes, textures and colours challenging ourselves to surprise you with a new direction or an unexpected twist"

The Guestbook lets you turn everything that takes place in your home into memories that last forever.

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insert side table, ferm living, interiors, furniture, scandinavian design.jpg

Insert side-table

Solid ash, sturdy & sculptural.

Marble love

New beautiful & elegant marble accessories:

The Rest lamp, sits patiently in a shelf displaying the beauty of marble glass and light.

For the workspace:

New Scenery Pinboard and the Alza bowl help you organise your workspace with a very classy touch.

Pujo Hanging rail

Minimalistic, simple and functional hanging system that will not get in the way, making a very practical and beautiful wardrobe.

Pujo Hanging coat rack, ferm living, interiors bedroom, home decor.jpg

The Mirage series of blankets and cushions use imagery found in the mystic atmospheres of oasis, caravans and desert paradises turning objects into abstract shapes and beautiful forms.

The Dora Clothes rack creates a whole new space where you can hang your clothes while you get dressed. Function and aesthetics are a prime importance. 

Dora cloths Stand Ferm Living, bathroom essentials.jpg

As every season, we are very excited about Ferm's new additions that create an even more solid collection that focuses on inserting beauty and comfort inside of your home.

Now available at shop.crioll.design