Montana Free, free your personality

Montana Free shelving system consists of 12 standard compositions that you can choose with an optional interposed shelf. The standard compositions range in size and function from the smallest design: a two-shelf-high bench that can fit under a window – to the largest solution: a six-shelf-high unit perfect as both an airy and decorative room divider or a spacious shelving unit placed against a wall.  

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 1.jpg

“Freedom is the opening act before happiness comes on”.

Designed by Jakob Wagner

The new Montana Free shelving system is a new kind of furniture for a new way of living. Freestanding, easy to assemble and irresistibly mobile. Choose from 12 compositions with or without interposed shelves in 4 colour possibilities and optional textile panels in 8 different colours.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 8.jpg
Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 7.jpg

“Freedom is my favorite color”.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 9.jpg
Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 10.jpg

“Freedom is not a feeling, it's a lifestyle”.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 6.jpg

Montana Free is designed to last. But also made for change. Because life changes. Your mood changes. Your needs change. So does Montana Free. Move it around, expand it, add more colours.

Inspiration: how it’s getting styled.

Montana Collection IV

This season, Montana introduced their new Collection IV, which is a series of ready-made pieces that you can easily choose for specific solutions. This collection comes very handy for those who love Montana but are overwhelmed by the huge array of possibilities the Brand has to offer. The whole philosophy of Montana since it began in 1982, is to create possibilities, and this new way of presenting these, as they call them “ready-made solutions” , give a specific function to each one of them, so you only have to pick your solution and choose your favourite among 42 different colours.

All of these awesome images were created by Montana.

We have divided them into the separate areas of the home.

Everything you can order via and if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the hallway

Montana Clothes Bar, Rail interior design, lifestyle, scandinavian interior, storage solutions, scandinavian design.jpg

RAIL - is ideal for wall-mounting in the hallway or the entrance of a bedroom or closet.

SHOE, Montana Hall, storage solution, scandinavian design lifestyle, styling 1.jpg

HIDE - The shoe storage cabinet with a tilting door and interior plastic mat protecting from dirt and scratches.

SHOE, Montana Hall, storage solution, scandinavian design.jpg

COAT - a modern take on the hat shelf consisting of a cabinet with two compartments with a clothing rack attached underneath. and

UNLOCK - a small wall mounted cabinet for keys and small items fitting perfectly in a small hallway.

For the living room

REST - a combined bench and shelving unit, perfect in the hallway for either seating or keeping your favourite items.

REST Montana Furniture, Interiors Modern furniture, scandinavian design, lifestyle 3.jpg

Both a bench and a storage solution, Rest is the perfect example of a multifunctional furniture.

REST Montana Furniture, Interiors Modern furniture, scandinavian design, lifestyle.jpg

READ - the classic bookshelf composed by displaced shelves in varying sizes perfect for books and bits and bobs.


BEND - an open-shelf with a playful - almost sculptural - expression. 


For the dining room

SHOW - a small bookcase for the living room, storage solution for the hallway or as display solution for the kitchen.


CELEBRATE - ideal as bar cabinet where beverages and equipment for making drinks can be stored during day time and transform the living room for party time at special occasions. 

RISE - display cabinet an ideal storage solution for the dining room or kitchen, great to store what is to be displayed and what needs to be stored away.


PAIR a cabinet and chest of drawers in one.


For the bedroom

DREAM - ideal as a bedside table in the bedroom for books, a glass of water, glasses or the alarm clock.

DREAM Montana Furniture, home interiors, bedroom, scandinavian design, home furniture.jpg

The nightstand is also usable as a flexible side table in the living room or hall.

KEEP - a chest of drawers ideal to keep everything in order in the bedroom, living room or in the hall. If you eventually desire a new look just move away the top module and use it separately.

KEEP Montana Furniture, home interiors, scandinavian design, storage solution 1.jpg


The ideal dresser for the living room, bedroom or home office where to store and keep things in order until you need them again.

For the kids

PLAY Montana collection, kids furniture, storage solution, scandinavian design, styling, lifestyle, concept design 3.jpg


Organize teddy bears, dolls, cars and blocks in the colourful PLAY storage box on castors.

Montana’s unique colour palette consists of 42 lacquer colours. In collaboration with the colour expert Pernille Kaagaard they have created 7 colour families with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer colours.

MONTANA water based lacquer colours

Montana TV and Sound

Montana TV & Sound.

The TV & Sound modules have been designed for storing Hi-Fi systems and electronic equipment. Enjoy your high resolution TV and crisp surround sound without the clutter of cables, remote controls and other electronic devices and accessories. Store it all away in a classic and beautiful storage solution, designed to suit your needs. Choose between the Montana 42 colour-palette. This shelving unit is available with legs, castors, suspension rails or plinth. 

Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 6.jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 3.jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design.jpg

The retractable doors discreetly hide the electronic equipment. The door has a perforated steel front lacquered in Montana’s colours. The door has no handles; to open, push lightly at the bottom and slide it up under the top of the unit. The perforated retractable door makes it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door, and provides better air circulation around the devices.

Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design .jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 2.jpg

Design your own

Choose between a multitude of different models and sizes with doors, drawers, perforated retractable doors, suspended on the wall, with castors, on a plinth or on legs.

unnamed (1).jpg

Play with a palette of 42 colours. Let it blend in or stand out.

unnamed (2).jpg

Endless opportunities to create, frame and tell your personal stories through clever design and superior craftsmanship.

Want to know more?

Contact us for price information and to make an appointment to see it up-close.

Our top pick from this year's VTWonen & Designbeurs

This year we totally missed the VTWonen & Designbeurs, but of everything we have seen online, this is definitely our top pick.

Amsterdam based Floor Knaapen, designed a “Home” for Eigen Huis & Interieur, a gorgeous minimal space in soft tones, and we spotted some pieces of our favourite brands.

eigenhuiseninterieur-aprilandmay (7).jpeg

Using beautiful objects from MENU and &Tradition, the magazine did an outstanding job.


We love the way Floor used an achromatic palette to create a contrasting backdrop for natural colours, like brass and wood. Love to see the FORMAKAMI pendants lamps from Jaime Hayon, I've had a crush with them for a long time, hope soon you can find them in our collection?

eigenhuiseninterieur-aprilandmay (1).jpeg

A glimpse of the new Androgyne coffee table under a beautiful brass Wall clock designed by Norm Architects.

eigenhuiseninterieur-aprilandmay (4).jpeg

Jaime Hayon’s Formakami lamp for &Tradition as a table lamp.

And what do you think about these mirrors? They are designed by April and May for Loof furniture I totally love the combination and balance between the oak and the mirror, and I find super handy the little shelf where you can keep your favourite things such as jewellery, make-up, keys …..

eigenhuiseninterieur-aprilandmay (10).jpeg
eigenhuiseninterieur-aprilandmay (12).jpeg

Thanks to Elvera van Schaik from April and May for the wonderful images. via . Read more about her experience and her thoughts in her blog.

Next year we will make sure not to miss the Beaurs.

What are your thoughts? tell us in the comments.

Until next time!
Enjoy your space.


Baux acoustic panels and tiles

We love BAUX. It’s modular, comes in many colours, shapes and sizes, and its a not-so-expensive solution for acoustics if you are actually concerned with aesthetics.
We first found out about BAUX by following Form Us With Love, a Swedish design studio that we absolutely admire.

Ive gathered some images from their image bank, along with their own text, but I can tell you as an already active user of BAUX, they are as good (or even better) as what you see from their own communication.

They are super easy to install (meaning you just have to glue them to the wall) and since they are modular and there are so many possibilities, the end result really depends on your own (or the architect’s) creativity.

You can see a project we did with BAUX here.

Give us your comments or contact us if you want to know more.

Functional + beautiful

BAUX was founded on the belief that building materials should be surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders – without compromising tomorrow’s safety and environmental standards.


BAUX Acoustic Panels

BAUX Acoustic Panels is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. BAUX Acoustic Panels is available in 7 patterns; Quilted, Check, Stripes, Lines, Diagonal, Arch and Curve. All designed to be combined into infinity.


BAUX Acoustic Tiles

These are the basic shapes:

They come in 2 sizes: H = 29 cm and H 59 cm.

They come in 2 sizes: H = 29 cm and H 59 cm.

And these the basic colours, which if you are ordering more than 35M2 you can get your own custom colour.

baux colours.jpg

As you can see, you can go as big and as creative as you want!

Loved by Nature

An environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water.

This is the natural version, which is later spray-painted.

This is the natural version, which is later spray-painted.


BAUX is a joint a venture between entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon and the founding partners of design studio Form Us With Love; Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér.

The Danish Home

Recently, we found these incredible pictures via pinterest and totally fell in love with this apartment. The styling and concept by Pella Hedeby is gorgeous and the apartment is breathtaking; from the materials used to the colour schemes and OMG the huge windows giving the perfect light, and what can I say about the view of snowy Stockholm. I mean, who wouldn’t love living here?

the danish home home interior scandinavian design living room minimal spaces 1.jpg

Shades of grey

A selection of luxurious Danish classics: collaboration between interior stylist Pella Hedeby and ELLE Decoration .

“ The mission was a collaboration with the Danish brands Erik Jörgensen, Montana, Georg Jensen Damask, Kay Boyjsen (cutlery), Louis Poulsen and Kähler. A dream mission to put together an interior with genuine design icons.“ - Pella Hedeby

the danish home home interior scandinavian design living room minimal spaces 12.jpg

The apartment was designed by Andreas Martin-Löf, who also designed the kitchen.


“My idea of the interior was to create a home that would be truly luxurious, while feeling relaxed and homely”.


Most of the furniture is from Erik Jorgensen and Montana. Of course available at

The following images and text were taken from the designers’s own article made for ELLE Decoration.

Give us your comments or contact us for more information about any of the products here displayed.

Thanks for reading!