Table setting of our traditional Christmas dinner

Our family Christmas dinner is a tradition we started when we came to Holland. Since we are living so far from our friends and relatives it is us 4 and only us, but like every year, we try to make it special.

Christmas table setting, styling -crioll studio 1.jpg
Christmas table setting, styling -crioll studio.jpg

The scent of Christmas

Christmas table setting, styling -crioll studio 5.jpg

Colours that remind us of the holidays without having to turn to the all time traditional red and green.

Christmas table setting, styling -crioll studio 7.jpg

Enjoy the moments!

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Winter set at Deense Kroon

Remember stepping into your Grand dad’s reading corner and feeling transported into his own galaxy? This was our main inspiration for the winter interior set we designed for the scandinavian shop Deense Kroon.

set design, visual merchandising, art direction, christmas set 5.jpg

A cozy but serious atmosphere, reminding us of those dark winter days when it feels good staying home and devouring a good book.

set design, visual merchandising, art direction, christmas set 3.jpg
set design, visual merchandising, art direction, christmas set 6.jpg

You can shop all the products you see here in Deense Kroon in Eindhoven or via our webshop.

Comments? let us know, we love to hear from you.

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Morning frost, a Christmas table setting

You wake up from Christmas Eve and it’s just time for another cozy gathering around the breakfast table with your family. A soft frozen layer has covered the landscape and you are all planing to go for a frosty morning walk to digest last night’s delicacies. But first, its time to enjoy a convivial moment around the table, home sweet home!

Christmas table setting, styling 5.jpg
Christmas table setting, styling 6.jpg
Christmas table setting, styling 2.jpg

We hope you will enjoy your morning frost as much as we enjoyed creating and devouring ours !

Christmas table setting, styling 12.jpg
Christmas table setting, styling 13.jpg

You can shop our New Norm dinnerware and Ferm Living Ripple Glasses on our webshop.

Christmas table setting, styling 15.jpg

And as always, if you are interested in collaborating with us for set design, story telling and creative campaigns, drop us a line ! We always love hearing from you !

Holiday reflections

Exciting! holiday season is ON and you are setting up your house for party time, well so are we !

To promote our favourite holiday decorations, our new creative campaign was about playing with mirrors and reflections to create surprising yet simple and elegant visuals, just as we want our holidays this year!

Shop online all our holiday decorations, and get ready for the best season of the year!

Christmas reflections, visual campaign, christmas decorations 6.jpg

Christmas table