Daphna Laurens - Colfront

This Year, Daphna Laurens made several apparitions throughout the city during DDW. One of our favourites was their Colfront installation in the newly renovated building of Strijp T in Eindhoven.

Daphna Laurens, colfront installation dutch design week .jpg

By experimenting with a very well known industrial product - Colback - a textile used for millions of applications that you never see, meaning it’s always applied “under the hood”, Daphna Laurens have created a set of room dividers and curtains that where put together using several layers of the material and combined using ultrasonic welding!

The terms sound super technical but for us it was a beautiful, extremely simple set up that proved once again that by experimenting with known materials in a different way, we can create new textures that can be used in many different ways.

Daphna Laurens, colfront installation dutch design week 5.jpg

Congratulations guys! the installation looked beautiful. Its always exciting to catch you for DDW.